General Conditions

Terms and conditions Koffiehuis By Wilma (sole proprietorship of Multiforte Spsil Service)

1, These terms and conditions are an integral part of the agreement, excluding the customer's own terms and conditions, even if the latter are subsequently communicated. Deviations can only be made in writing. The customer expressly acknowledges having read these terms and conditions and approves them in full and without reservation.

2, Although Horeca By Wilma (owner of a sole proprietor: Multiforte Spsil Service) makes every effort to correctly present the entries on the website, it may exceptionally occur that certain data contain errors. If an entry on the website contains a manifest error, Horeca By Wilma reserves the right to cancel any orders that have been made on the basis of that apparent error.

3, Horeca By Wilma does everything possible to guarantee the highest quality of service. However, the customer acknowledges that Horeca By Wilma cannot be held liable if, in exceptional cases, certain information given to the customer in the context of that service does not contain – updated or incorrect information, except in the case of intentional error or fraud on the part of Horeca By Wilma or its employees.

4, The data entered by the customer when placing orders are governed by By Wilma's general privacy provisions (e.g. ). The customer is responsible for the correct transmission of his/her data, as well as for any changes to this data. Horeca By Wilma cannot be held liable for the use of data that has been changed by the customer, but has not been passed on to Horeca By Wilma.

5, If one of the parties fails to fulfil its contractual obligations, the other party has the right, after giving notice of default, either to suspend its obligations or to dissolve the agreement without judicial intervention, if the notice of default is not followed up usefully within eight working days.

6, Horeca By Wilma retains all intellectual rights to the products and services it offers. Unless expressly stated otherwise, an order for goods and/or services cannot in any way be regarded as a transfer of rights to these products and/or services, in whole or in part, nor to the word or logo deposited by By Wilma vzw or the organisations belonging to it.

7, All our agreements are governed by Belgian law. Any disputes arising under this Agreement may only be brought before the courts of the judicial district of Brussels.